Jürgen Richter ... guest on earth as we all are

Jürgen Richter

learned to read by the enchanting magic of fairytale books, became spellbound by the art of photography (greek: "drawing with light“) at the age of thirteen.
Mesmerized by the
paintings from times gone by, as taught by the artists Marcel Demand and Ewald Watz.
Preferably spent his youth on a
bicycle, carrying a tripod, Contax 35mm cameras, black&white and Kodachrome films.
Was deeply moved by the films of
Andrej Tarkovskij and experienced 6x12cm widescreen transparencies with a Linhof Master Technica camera, gift of his literate mother.
Studied Spanish culture and literature and got inspired by systematic theology with
Hermann Timm at the Munich University. Profound exchange of ideas with the visionary photographer Anselm Spring.
Kodak Kalenderpreis in 1987 ("Windmills of La Mancha“ / Contax-Kyocera). Traveling on assignment for WWF yearbooks (Pro Futura Verlag) covering environmental themes in both Americas and India.
Continuing freelance work, especially in Southern Europe, which has found its reflections in more than fifty books, including various editions that have been produced in collaboration with poets and songwriters. Author-photographer of over one hundred large format calendars.
Several photo artbooks (
España Eterna, 1992 / El Rocío, 2003 / Islas Canarias, 2008) designed by graphic designer Bettina Benet and art director Andrés Gamboa at Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona-Madrid.
Since 1996 associated member and from 2015 to 2019 supervisory board member of the photographers´ agency
Lives south of Munich, if not on the way through Spain, France, Italy or elsewhere.

Espana-eterna-book Reiner-Kunze-book El-Rocio-book


Ort meiner Kindheit: Wessobrunn,
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Mein Regensburger Welttheater,
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Klang der Stille, Gerhard Schöne (text), Leipzig 1994
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Raum in uns,
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Ich blühe auf wie eine Lilie
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more/ German Nacional Library



8/1979 "Soweit das Radl rollt"
10/1981, "Land des Lichts",
Zeitmagazin, 7/1987, "Don Quijotes Welt"
SZmagazin, 20/1991, "El Rocío"
Photo Technik International, 2/1992 "Archaisches Spanien"
Photo Technik International,
engl. 3/1992 "Archaic Spain"
Color Foto, 5/1992 "Mythos Spanien"
21/1994 "Für Maria durch die Wildnis"
GEO Espana,
5/1995, "El Rocío"
, 2/1997 "Secret Andalucia" / "Geheimes Andalusien"
1/1998 "Fine Wines and Modern Art - Napa Valley" / "Edle Weine und moderne Kunst - Napa Valley"


Sparkasse Uelsen / A.Hellendoorn KG, Bad Bentheim,
Instituto Cervantes, Munich,
Städtische Galerie Schwarzes Kloster, Freiburg, 1993
Theologisches Studienseminar der VELKD, Pullach im Isartal, 2005
Heinrich-Lades-Halle, Erlangen 2018
Orangerie im Englischen Garten, Munich, 2020